Finally, the best podcast app has arrived: Overcast

I am listening to podcast for a while now. One problem I always had, was the Apple podcast app. It constantly forgot about plays, lost downloads, lost feeds, stopped playing after some seconds and more of this stuff. Now the world is a better one:Marco Arment, the guy who´s brought and tumblr to us, has delivered Overcast. And for me his absolutely right, saying it is …

A powerful yet simple iPhone podcast player.

I´ve been testing it for a few minutes, started adding my feeds on the iPad (works ok, native iPad app is planned), synced it to the iPhone and searched for new ones.

Next I´ll start setting up smart playlists. You should take a look at twitter recommendations, smart speed, and voice boost.

If you want to directly jump to the apple app store, chose this way.

Marco has presented Overcast at XOXO 2013:

Other websites on the app:




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