How world has changed in some years

Five years ago (2006)

  • No Facebook, unless you were a student in the United States. The site opened “for the rest of us” in late 2006.
  • No Twitter. It launched mid 2006 but hadn’t yet caught on.
  • No iPhone or Android smartphones. The pinnacle of smartphones came from the likes of Nokia (Symbian-based smartphones), RIM (good old Blackberry) and companies like HTC (with Windows Mobile).
  • No mobile app ecosystem. Ok, third-party mobile apps technically did exist at this time, but it wasn’t until Apple opened up the iPhone for developers that mobile apps as we know them today really took off. The iPhone SDK wasn’t released until March 2008.
  • No iPad.
  • No Google Chrome. The vast majority of all web surfing was done using Internet Explorer 6. Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7 were released late in 2006.

Take a look at this summary of what has changed in the tech universe since the last 15 years – stunning!


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