@jkleske on five things that won´t change in 2011

  • 1. Mobile what?
  • 2. Facebook will introduce new features and changes to their UI almost daily
  • 3. The media industry will cling to their dead business models, not matter what.
  • 4. Companies will continue to see social media as just another channel to pump their message into
  • 5. Steven Johnson’s notion about the web as “the greatest serendipity engine in the history of culture” will remain true in 2011
  • Uh, yeah! This is the best list of any lists I read the last days. Not just because it´s not that „I am the only one to know the future, baby!“-kind, but because all five points seem to be so true and based on Johannes´ inside knowledge.

    So there is no reason for you, to not read Johannes explanations in its Birthday-Post! And subscribe to his Feeds! And follow him on twitter! And…!


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